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In Pensacola and the surrounding areas, there are many local companies who are in the business of appliance repair.  You can contact one of these companies to get your refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, oven, dishwasher, disposal or microwave oven repaired. It is better to get the appliance repaired rather than being forced to replace it with a new one. Using a factory trained technician from Pensacola Appliance Repair for your repair needs is preferred, however, you can troubleshoot certain common appliance problems on your own by following some basic tips:

1) The appliance does not start at all: In such a situation, you should first check that you have turned it on correctly.  Next check the breaker in the main power box to see if it has been tripped, if so reset and check the appliance. If the breaker is OK then take a tester and check the power socket for power. If there is current then you need to check the power plug wire for any discontinuity. You can check the continuity of the wires between the end points of the mains chord of the broken machine. If the mains chord is found to be broken, you will have to replace the mains chord for the machine.

2) The washing machine or dryer does not spin: There can be various reasons for this particular problem. Firstly, the washing machine may not be working because it might be over loaded with too many clothes. You can fix this issue by reducing the number of clothes in the washing machine.  Also, press the reset button which is on the control panel. There can also be a faulty timer switch and other faulty switches that is creating the problem. In such a situation you will have to get it repaired by a Pensacola Appliance Repair service technician.

3) When a washing machine or disposal does not drain: In such a scenario, one could suspect the drain pipe of the machine, which might be getting clogged. So, clean the drainage hose pipe. But even if the problem persists then check the drainage pump which is responsible to drive the water out. You may have to clear the drainage pump, if it is found to be clogged.

4) There is a lot of vibration happening: You have noticed that your washing machine or dryer is vibrating or shaking too much. Well, this may happen due to several reasons, such as a faulty tub, loose tub bolts or an unbalanced tub. Rectify the issue accordingly by calling a technician.

5) The refrigerator, disposal, or washing machine is leaking: There can be a couple of reasons for the leakage to take place. The hose pipes may be damaged or there may be some loose connections. Also, the water pump itself might be leaking.

6) The fuse of the washing machine, refrigerator, dishwasher or dryer blows up: The main reason behind this might be a faulty motor or faulty overload motor protect switch. In such a case, you will have to take professional help. However, an overloaded machine might also cause the fuse to blow up. In such a situation, you should minimize the load of the clothes or dishes.

There can be many factors that can be associated with the actual problem of the faulty appliance. If you are not able to solve simple issues as per the above mentioned tips, then in that case, being a resident of Pensacola or the surrounding area, I would suggest you call Pensacola Appliance Repair at 850-396-0073, a well known local company that does Pensacola appliance repair in Northwest Florida.

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